We are Senior Advocates who help protect older individuals against scams and organize their financial situations


What can a Daily Money Manager do for Me?

A daily money manager brings clarity and order to an individual’s daily management of personal bills, budgets and record keeping. A DMM assists clients with activities such as bill paying, day-to-day banking, budgeting, insurance paperwork, and organizing records and receipts in preparation for income tax filing.

Our Services

  • Bill paying and mail sorting
  • Reconciling banking accounts
  • Reviewing investment accounts
  • Preparing and making bank deposits
  • Audit credit card statements for errors and scams
  • Organizing tax records
  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Providing general organizational services
  • Referring clients to legal, tax, and investment professionals
  • Being a client advocate for other service providers
  • Notary services in Pennsylvania
  • Helping families and individuals save for retirement, new home, or
    become debt free
  • Quicken

Helping Family Members

  • Are you concerned about a family member’s finances but don’t have the time or expertise to help them?

  • Does your family member perhaps have difficulty seeing, hearing, writing or remembering. Maybe they become easily confused or overwhelmed?

  • Do you live too far away to manage your family member’s personal finances

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